Discovery Learning is a time for our children to become their own teachers and to try to guide their own learning. The children can choose activities such as building, writing, book making, gardening, pet care, computers, free 'real play', music and singing and much more! The classroom is set up to allow the children access to what they need and they know where things belong. They look after their equipment and resources, they bring in new things to use and share with others and they report back about what they have learned. The role of the teacher during DL is to constantly engage the children in discussions about what they are doing, why they have chosen to do it, what they are using, how they are solving problems and guiding the children to think about justifying and defending their work!! We always refer to the activities chosen as "their work" rather than play. Even if the activity is mainly play based, the children must be thinking about what they have been learning. We always tell them that in free play we will "leave them alone" but in DL we are the children's shadows and are constantly asking them questions so that they have to plan and organise themselves and use well developed vocabulary.

We all LOVE DL!!!!