Here are some exciting things happening soon...
Grade 2 overnight camp at Mt Buller - date yet to be announced (next term).

Pet Extravaganza - Thursday 2nd April (details on newsletter).

Last day of Term 1 - Friday 3rd April

First day of Term 2 - Monday 20th April


March 17th - Connor

April 1st - Tynan
April 17th - Ashlee
April 25th - Colby

May 11 - Aden
May 24th - Fletcher

July 24th - Opal

August 13th - Gemma
August 28th - Miss Leighton

September 4th - Charisma
September 11th - Kai
September 27th -Pip

October 3rd - Annie
October 29th - Hayley

November 9th - Caitie

December 8th - Denny
December 11th - Michaela
December 12th -Ollie
December 17th - Frank